Family Matters - What You Can Learn from Your Family of Origin.

The Tuesday Workshop - 29th November - 19h- Christ Church

One of the strongest influences in our lives is the family we grow up in. Join us in this seminar to discover how growing up in your family shaped you and how God intended family to be.
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Worship & Prayer

What is Encounter? It is a monthly planned evening to encounter God. A time of extended prayer and worship - creating a safe place 
to practice and a naturally supernatural platform for God to meet us.
Our evenings will carry a welcome atmosphere of hospitality which allows us to get comfortable with God. We’ll take time to welcome each other and invite the Holy Spirit as we start celebrating.  read more »

The Social Supermarket

De Sociale Kruidenier

As a church we’d love be a good friend and neighbor to the city. As a deacon team we thought: Let’s join forces with organizations and projects that are currently addressing issues in the city and are successful and efficient in doing so. De Sociale Kruidenier is a shop for people who live with a minimum income and are dependent on the FoodBank (Voedselbank) for their food. At the Sociale Kruidenier people can buy additional products (non-food and long containable food) they need for a small price. In addition the Sociale Kruidenier aims at helping people to make the next step by offering training to help people regain grip on their lives. read more »