15th May

Sunday May 15 we will host a baptism service. Interested in getting baptized? Have you just started following Jesus and are you ready to take the plunge? Let's do it! A mind full of questions about what baptism is all about? Let's talk! read more »

Searching for God Knows What

A Silent Retreat

Silence is rare. Our busy culture prevents us from being still. And we start to avoid or even fear being silent. Most of us have gotten used to living hectic lives surrounded by constant white noise. And many of us have become aware that something is profoundly missing and we are searching for more - but what? Ourselves? Or maybe even God?
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Join VA Kids Team

Join the party!

Have you ever wondered what Sunday Meeting Point is like for children? Our Sunday Kids & Teens Teams are looking for new curious, enthusiastic and fun-loving leaders. Maybe you have it what it takes?! read more »