A Born Savior

24th December - Zuiderkerk - 19.45 h

On help from unexpected places.

An evening full of creativity, music, reflection & gezelligheid! read more »


Worship & Prayer

What is Encounter? It is a monthly planned evening to encounter God. A time of extended prayer and worship - creating a safe place 
to practice and a naturally supernatural platform for God to meet us.
Our evenings will carry a welcome atmosphere of hospitality which allows us to get comfortable with God. We’ll take time to welcome each other and invite the Holy Spirit as we start celebrating.  read more »

The Social Supermarket

De Sociale Kruidenier

As a church we’d love be a good friend and neighbor to the city. As a deacon team we thought: Let’s join forces with organizations and projects that are currently addressing issues in the city and are successful and efficient in doing so. De Sociale Kruidenier is a shop for people who live with a minimum income and are dependent on the FoodBank (Voedselbank) for their food. At the Sociale Kruidenier people can buy additional products (non-food and long containable food) they need for a small price. In addition the Sociale Kruidenier aims at helping people to make the next step by offering training to help people regain grip on their lives. read more »