The Social Supermarket

De Sociale Kruidenier

As a church we’d love be a good friend and neighbor to the city. As a deacon team we thought: Let’s join forces with organizations and projects that are currently addressing issues in the city and are successful and efficient in doing so. De Sociale Kruidenier is a shop for people who live with a minimum income and are dependent on the FoodBank (Voedselbank) for their food. At the Sociale Kruidenier people can buy additional products (non-food and long containable food) they need for a small price. In addition the Sociale Kruidenier aims at helping people to make the next step by offering training to help people regain grip on their lives. read more »

Deacon Team

A church is like a family in which we hang out together, have fun and take care of each other.
The new deacon team tries to make sure that we function well as a family. The team organizes community lunches in which we can hang out and have fun. But also when things are less fun in your life and you could use some help, don’t hesitate to send an email to the deacon team. Whether it’s financial or practical help you need, email us and we’ll contact you! > read more »

Welcome Refugees?

The Tuesday Workshop - 25th October - 19h -TrelaPlein Café

‘Influxes’ of refugees? Fences and EU-Turkey deals? Drowning in the Mediterranean? The reasons that people flee their homes are as complicated as the experiences of the places that receive them.  If you’re interested in finding out about the refugee situation, come along to a discussion night hosted by fellow Vineyard-ers who are working on this topic! You can hear more about what’s happening ‘on the ground’, Europe’s response, and the personal stories of refugees who have fled. Everyone is welcome and there is plenty of room for discussion!

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