Diversity Dinners

Foreign to Familiar

Do you want to join a great dinner and while cooking & eating learn more about other culture and share yours? Sing up for the Diversity Dinners! A place for conversations and experience of cultures, ‘the other’ and different identities while cooking and enjoying cuisines around the world.
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Worship & Prayer

What is Encounter? It is a monthly planned evening to encounter God. A time of extended prayer and worship - creating a safe place 
to practice and a naturally supernatural platform for God to meet us.
Our evenings will carry an welcome atmosphere of hospitality which allows us to get comfortable with God. We’ll take time to welcome each other and invite the Holy Spirit as we start celebrating.  read more »

Meet the Family Experiment

We believe that church is meant to be a place where meaningful relationships across generations are formed. ‘Meet the Family Experiment' is aiming to do just that! Families and those, looking for a family to connect with, meet and are both ways enriched and blessed by one another. read more »