Greetings from Brooke

Published on 18 November 2014 |

I’m currently spending some time outside of the Netherlands back in Ohio, in the US. Some of my time has been spent reflecting on this past year and also on this coming year. As I’ve considered the activity of God in our community and in our city this last year it reminds me of something I’ve read before: the book of Acts!  read more »

Full-time counseling

Published on 24 July 2014 |

Just before Jesus was crucified and finally leaves the earth, he has supper one more time with his disciples, and at that supper he gives a farewell speech. In it he tells them that it is good for them that he will leave the earth. I can well imagine that Peter or John thought at that time: "What! Leave? How can that be better for us? We just got on a roll." In the three years prior tot his moment they have experienced Jesus up close; they have traveled with him, eaten, had adventures and heard him speak a lot. Still, it seemed that the disciples did not understand much of it. Again and again we read that they did not understand exactly why Jesus came on earth. That is why Jesus says the following to them: read more »

Letter from Eric & Julia

Published on 27 May 2014 | Eric

Julia and I wrote this blog to share with you an update about our plans for the future. When we first moved to Amsterdam, we had an audacious goal to “plant and release a passionate, kingdom centered community in the heart of Amsterdam that would in turn plant other communities in other urban centers in Europe.” At the time, we didn’t realize just how crazy that goal was, especially within the five year timeframe that we committed to.  By God’s grace, we see that a beautiful community has been planted, one that is passionate about God’s kingdom being expressed in Amsterdam. We continue to pray that God will allow his kingdom to be extended in other cities around Europe through what he is doing in Vineyard Amsterdam.  read more »

Stand Still

Published on 11 April 2014 |

“It’s changing me, I feel like I’m becoming more human as I read this text,” she said as we walked through the narrow old streets of her hometown in Tunisia. The text was the gospel of Matthew and this woman, just two years older than me, and a Muslim, is being changed by Jesus’ words as she works to translate and make them understandable to an Arab audience. Her statement has stayed with me these past weeks. Becoming more fully human. Jesus didn’t come to earth with an idea to save our spirits and take them to heaven, leaving our bodies behind. He came saying, “Follow me,” to lead us into full humanity, for life now.  read more »

Moving into the neighborhood

Published on 16 January 2014 | Eric

Not very long ago, it seemed that we Westerners had nearly given up on the local. The old way of living, based in the local family, tribe, and neighborhood, was out. The larger human family, the cultures, and the new global economy were in. All of the hip seminars, business books, and magazine articles were a play on some variation of the theme of how networks make the world go round. 

We know that in our world ideas don’t seem to last long. As Bob Dylan sang, “For the loser now, Will be later to win, For the times they, They are a-changin’” (This truth can also bring us a sense of relief when we consider that we live in a city and a time that does not find the Gospel of Jesus at all fashionable… tomorrow that will all change.) These days, the network is falling into disfavor. While many have no doubt experienced benefits from going global, many others—ourselves included—have experienced serious drawbacks and sometimes tragic consequences. Think no further than the global economic crisis, or global trade, or the global war on terror. read more »

Nomads to Mars

Published on 22 October 2013 | Huub Waalewijn

A few weeks ago I was spending a day in a retreat house. In the chapel  there was a picture made by a brother/ monk from the Taizé Communtiy. It showed the face of a boy and behind it two hands . Later, when I googled the picture I found that it was part of a diptych and found out that the hands belonged to a father. Both hands tell a story. One hand rests on the shoulder of the boy. This is the gezellige hand, the familiair hand of a father that shows his presence and shows his proximity and security.
The other hand hangs behind the boy, is open and is an open invitation to move into the world. This hand almost pushes the boy forward, out of the frame into the world. Especially that hand struck me. This is a hand that is inviting to enter into life, take part in shaping reality and especially to take risks. read more »

Benedectine spirituality for a new season

Published on 3 September 2013 | Mark

The new season is back in town after a (I hope) lovely holiday period! After a time of rest and relaxation a new and exciting year awaits us! And the big question for many of us might be: how can I stay rested and relaxed while my agenda is getting filled fast? Well, according to Benedictine monks it is possible to have a completely filled agenda and never feel pressured (or are busy) at the same time. Here are some thoughts:  read more »

New Humanity...New Community

Published on 11 June 2013 |

Have you been in the situation in the past month where you find yourself looking around the room and wondering 'what in the world brings us together? We are all SO different.' I definitely have!
This is also something that when I bring my friends who are new to faith&church to any of our events keeps being the most intriguing part of their experience. Like one of my friend commented just recently after one of the Quo Vadis events as he was trying to get his head around our messy community: 'What an interesting sociological phenomenon!' :)

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