Why Do We Pray?

Published on 28 June 2016 | Admin

Why Pray - Ask – Petition?
Prayer (asking) petitioning is our voluntary response and surrender to God (Father,Son,Holy Spirit) Calling on Him to colonize (settle among and establish control over…) our affairs with His affairs. Asking for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
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We Are Better Together

Published on 4 May 2016 | Admin

This coming period we’ll dive into a new season in which we want to celebrate and deepen our relationships. We believe we are made to do life together, to share our hearts and to grow in community. No matter where you are in life, we all share this gift of life. read more »

Letter from Andrea

Published on 30 March 2016 | Julia Pickerill

Hello, my name is Andrea Fustolo. I am from Italy and I moved to the Netherlands two and a half years ago. About one year ago I joined Vineyard Amsterdam and just recently, I joined the Staff Team and started overseeing the area of worship in our community. Being in this role is such a privilege and a blessing for me because I know how Vineyard Amsterdam places a high value on worship and experiencing God’s presence.
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Letter from Ema

Published on 9 March 2016 | Admin

Hi, my name is Ema Coxon and I have been attending VYA since I moved to Amsterdam about 1 1/2 years ago. I recently began leading the Welcome Team and I am really excited to be a part of this team because it’s a great and easy way to love and make people feel special each Sunday at Meeting Point.  read more »

Mystery of Prayer

Published on 9 February 2016 | Admin

Some time ago I asked a few kids in our church: ‘What happens when you pray?’ 
These are some of their answers:
‘I will tell you, when you pray then you can do something that you want. Maybe I don't know what God does when I pray.’ (3-years)
‘I grow.’ (6-years)
‘Sometimes God talks to me or sometimes he doesn’t say anything.’ (10-years)
‘I tell what I am grateful for.’(8-years)
‘Then God listens.’ (7-years)
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Right here, right now

Published on 24 September 2015 | Mark

Dear friends,

A few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch with Inez. We had an hour left before we would head off to a birthday party of a good friend of mine. All of a sudden Inez called out: “I could cut your hair as we’re waiting!” This had been on my to do list for the last few weeks, but I hadn’t found the time yet to go to the barbershop. “What?! Here? Now? It’s not that bad is it…?” I said with quite some distrust and scepticism. I really didn’t see it happening that she would cut my hair. She had never done this, she was never trained to do this…. does she even know how to do this at all? “But Chris showed me exactly what to do, it is really not that difficult and it will only take 20 minutes!” she said full of faith and enthusiasm. “Well, okay then…” I gave in. And 20 minutes later I was looking in the mirror with complete astonishment: it actually worked out and she actually did a great job! “How did you do this?” I asked in amazement. “Ah well, you know, I little bit like this, and that… I told you I could do it!” read more »

Greetings from Brooke

Published on 18 November 2014 | levi@vineyardamsterdam.nl

I’m currently spending some time outside of the Netherlands back in Ohio, in the US. Some of my time has been spent reflecting on this past year and also on this coming year. As I’ve considered the activity of God in our community and in our city this last year it reminds me of something I’ve read before: the book of Acts!  read more »

Full-time counseling

Published on 24 July 2014 |

Just before Jesus was crucified and finally leaves the earth, he has supper one more time with his disciples, and at that supper he gives a farewell speech. In it he tells them that it is good for them that he will leave the earth. I can well imagine that Peter or John thought at that time: "What! Leave? How can that be better for us? We just got on a roll." In the three years prior tot his moment they have experienced Jesus up close; they have traveled with him, eaten, had adventures and heard him speak a lot. Still, it seemed that the disciples did not understand much of it. Again and again we read that they did not understand exactly why Jesus came on earth. That is why Jesus says the following to them: read more »