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Published on 2011-09-19 | Mark | Community
Why do we talk so much about community at Vineyard Amsterdam? Why do we get together on Sunday mornings? Why should you consider joining a Connect Group? Why do we even want to share our lives with each other? Have you thought about these questions? 

With the start of the autumn and as many new VA Connect Groups are beginning in the city, I am thinking a lot about these questions!

As I reflect on why I go to Meeting Point every Sunday, why I am involved in a Connect Group, and why I want to be part of the "beautiful mess" called Vineyard Amsterdam, I can think of many reasons, but the first thing that comes to mind is this: I need to be reminded…

I need to be reminded of who God is… That He is a God of love who loves me and is involved in my life. That God exists and that He is real, (even if I sometimes forget that)! I need to be reminded also of who I am and can be: That I am a beloved child of God… loved and wanted, and a man created in God's image. I also need to be reminded of the story of God: His dreams and His plans. I need reminded about what he did and what He wants to do, and how I can be a part of His plans and dreams.

What do you need to be reminded of?

If we look at the Bible and at the culture in Biblical times, we find that the act of remembering was very central. It was an important part in the life of an Old Testament believer that he knows the deeds of God and His commandments (Numbers 15.37-41). The Gospels repeatedly speak about remembering the words and actions of Jesus (Luke 24.6,8). And the apostles were aware of the importance of keeping alive these memories for others (2 Peter 3.1-2).

Let us remind each other about God, His love and power, His promises, the big story He is telling from creation into eternity! Let us remember this so we also are increasingly energized and encouraged to take part in the great story of God!


P.S. Do you need to be reminded? Check out the various Connect Groups and come along on Sunday at Meeting Point! I hope to see you then!


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