About us

We love our city

We love its diversity. We hope to be a place everyone can encounter God in a meaningful way. And where you can be yourself. Where questions are allowed and where you can enter into respectful conversations about Christian spirituality, where you find a community full of grace, and where you can join with us to be a voice of hope for the world.

It's all about love

We value the expression of love in the way we care for one another as well as for our neighbors, and we value following God in a way that is concerened with truth and the intellectual pursuit of spirituality as well.

Come as you are

We are very casual and we put an emphasis on being real with one another... there's no hype and no need to dress up. It is our hope that you can come as you are, and feel accepted and welcomed. Our community is very diverse, and we enjoy the mix of culture, language, exprience. It is our desire to experience both grace and growth as we meet with each other and connect deeper with God.

You can expect to connect with God through music, discussions and teachings, conversations about God, or during prayer at a Connect Group in someone's home... and in lots of other ways. It’s pretty simple. And you can feel free to engage as much or as little as you are comfortable.

Our meetings on Sunday mornings are bi-lingual, in Dutch and English.

Our short history

In 2008, a small group of people decided to start a new church in the city center. Since then, that group has grown from 15 people meeting in a living room to an established church of around 250 people. We have a multicultural Leadership Team.

About Vineyard

The Vineyard movement is a worldwide community of over 1,200 churches. Vineyard's core values include: advocating for and serving the poor, being relevant to culture, experiencing God, being a reconciling community, and a belief in the presence of God in our every-day, normal lives.