Meeting Point

This is our Sunday worship service. Every Sunday at 10.30 in the The Uilenburgersjoel.

(Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 91, 1011LM Amsterdam)

Our service is quite informal, so you can come as you are. We start with a moment of worship, which is followed by a welcome and some announcements. There is then a talk based around both the Bible and our experiences in following Jesus. It is both practical and relevant to everyday life. After the talk there is more worship and time for anyone that would like to be prayed for.

Children are very welcome to our meetings. Families are invited to join the all church worship at 10:30am in the main hall. After the worship time and announcements, the children are invited to their own classes. Each Sunday we run a number of activities for babies, children and pre-teens/teens.

After the service, please help yourself to tea, coffee and snacks and feel free to meet others. If this is your first visit, we would love to meet you or to answer any questions you may have. You can find us in the lobby at the infotable. 

Come as you are
If you're curious about Jesus and perhaps unfamiliar with the idea of church, you're in good company. We hope you feel comfortable to come back again and again as you discover more about God and what He means to you. We hope you feel you can come as you are, and feel accepted and welcomed.

Our meetings are mostly in English.